Be the Rare Find

Things are absolutely crazy right now as I pack and arrange movers, everything is moving so much faster than I was expecting. It’s definitely not the ‘picture’ I had in my head of a peaceful, well organized and graceful move.

Once my manfriend and I decided to make it official and move in together, and I finally stopped dragging my feet about re-letting my place, I was a little worried about finding someone in what is typically a pretty slow time of year. But when I finally posted it, I had multiple applicants before the end of the first day, and even found someone who would take it a couple of weeks early!

Now, I’m not telling this story to brag. My place is not perfect by any means, but when it came time to put it on the market, even when I raised the price despite it being literally the slowest month of the year, I had people lining up for it because it’s a rare find. It has pluses and minuses, it’s cute and has vintage charm but it’s not updated, it’s in a good location but on a busy street and on an alley {since it’s a coach house}, and it’s priced under market value but I did increase the price, so not the most insane deal ever. What makes this one a rare find is that I put energy {and lots of love} into designing and creating a space that looks and feels good to be in. It stands out in the sea of other tiny vintage spaces… and I’m 100% sure that’s why I was able to find someone so quickly.

Take a look at these two photos, they are both of my place. The first is right after I moved in, it was still pretty empty, definitely no design yet, just bare bones space {this is how many many spaces are listed, empty… or empty-ish, not staged or designed}. The second is after I finished it, and how I marketed and showed it. Which would you rather have? Does the first photo seem like a rare find? {the answer is no… a definite no!}

Augusta LR before and after.jpg

What makes your house stand out among the competition? What makes your house a rare find? Sometimes we have a building or space that is amazing on it’s own and hardly needs help, but other times without design the space is kind of underwhelming. Either way, while the market might be in seller’s favor right now, you can’t just show up to the party in pajamas, with morning breath and bed head and expect everyone to be battling each other to have small talk with you.

In general right now the consensus is that there is a severe, historic even, shortage of inventory right now. Let me tell you one thing there is no shortage of right now ~ mediocre, underwhelming, uninspiring spaces.

And somehow not very many of these seem like a great deal for what they are. I know that I can be a tough critic, but I’m not making this up. People want a great space, and definitely they don’t want to feel like they’re overpaying for something that’s just kind of ‘blah’.

So if you’re considering selling, or if you are weighing whether it’s worth the investment to upgrade your space.. ask yourself {or go and find out through research or talking with your realtor} ~ how does your space compare to others right now? Where are you in the heap of other properties for sale? Are you a standout that people would fight over to be able to have? Or have you maybe not given your space the TLC it deserves for a while?

There’s nothing wrong with either of those things, but if you decide against making any updates or improvements, be realistic about how your place will be perceived among potential buyers. If you look around your place and there isn’t much to get excited about ~ what can you do about that? What would it take to make your place that rare find that they just have to have?


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