Cohabitation and the merging of the things

moving pic_122017_feature.jpgYou guys! It’s official. I moved in with my man friend {all the way moved in} last week. It’s turning out to be a lot bigger of a deal than I was expecting.

I starting working on this post quite a bit before actually living with a significant other, and I have to say, I’m glad I set it aside until my manfriend and I actually moved in together because holy moly ~ the experience has been a lot different than I expected!

First can I just say ~ how do we have so much stuff?! I moved from a tiny studio {cutest tiny studio ever, but still ~ a studio!}, and I’m astounded at how filled his {rather large} apartment is with boxes and furniture. Well, I guess when you consider that now we have double of all furniture and a lot of household items in one place it makes sense, but it also makes for being a little overwhelmed.

I naively thought that moving in together really wasn’t going to be that big of a deal. My cute imagination skipped over the unpacking part and went straight to the fun re-designing our space part {funny how that works}. And I know how important it is for both people to have their sense of style reflected in the design of the space, and the risk that sometimes one person can kind of take over with their style ~ and of course I would never be that person! {But it turns out that I am kind of being that person {cringe!!!}} For better or worse I’m not surprised though, I’m a designer, and my manfriend, while I love him dearly, has a lot of brown furniture {also cringe}.

My biggest lesson that I’m learning as we unpack and negotiate what stays and goes in the kitchen cabinets {and everywhere else}, is that I need to slow down… and be okay with this kind of in-between time where we settle in. As much as I want to, I can’t just get rid of all the {his} furniture and start from scratch {especially since our super cool loft is turning out to be less than amazing, but more on that in another post}. Not because it’s not possible, but I have to honor my parter’s feelings and remember that we are creating a space together. And we have some other big goals for 2018, one of which is buying our own fixer-upper, so it doesn’t make sense to really invest a lot into this space that we won’t be in for long.

I can’t wait to share more about what is turning into our temporary condo, and how we are navigating what to change, what to hold off on, and our plans for buying our own place soon!

In the meantime, I’m going to be taking deep breaths when my manfriend insists on keeping something horrible… and continue to remind myself that some of the amazing things I want to keep probably aren’t his favorite either, lol.

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from taking the leap into cohabitation? What was surprisingly challenging, and what were you nervous about that ended up being a non-issue? I need some great insight here! ;)


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