Happy New Year! 2018, Let’s DO This.

2018 sparkler

Happy 2018!

I have mixed feelings about resolutions, last year I shared my list of ‘non-resolution resolutions’… but this year I’ve decided not to have a formal list of individual items, but rather focus more on shifting some higher level things in my life.

When I look back on challenges I faced last year, I can easily see that I have some work to do when it comes to really owning my space and setting the tone that I want. This isn’t really something that can be measured per se, but you can see it when it’s working… and it’s one of my main areas I’m focusing on in the year ahead.

The other main thing I’m going to work on shifting is being more disciplined. Really diving into creating habits that support the changes that I want to see become real this coming year. While there were a lot of great things that happened in 2017, and I met all of my goals at work, if I had been a little more disciplined I could have blown them out of the water. If you happened to see my Facebook live video earlier today, that’s my other main focus this year ~ going big. Not toning anything down, not holding back, not letting that automatic voice in my head say that I should go for less because what I want is too much… and I don’t want bad habits supporting any of that energy in my space!

The truth is that if you want to have more of anything, something in your life and your space has to change. I’ve spent time thinking about what things have been keeping me from having everything I want {and the magnitude that I want them}.. and in many areas of my life, discipline is one of them.

I’m starting this year with everything I want, and 2018 is about taking it all further… having more… I hope you have an amazing New Year’s Day, and a spectacular 2018, and that all of your biggest dreams become real!

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