The dream loft that is kind of a nightmare…

Today it’s totally gloomy and rainy here in Chicago. And of course I’m in a funk and if you want to talk about energy… energy is when you are randomly in a bad mood for no reason.. or you wake up with ferocious back pain out of nowhere… and you just can’t seem to snap out of it. So I thought what better topic to talk about than our place that we are so not in love with. Because that’s energy too, lol.

My manfriend moved from his amazing bro-partment last summer and I helped him find his new place. I thought I had totally scored the best oversized loft, it’s been one of my favorite buildings in my neighborhood for a long time, I was so excited for him ~ and we knew we would be moving in together at some point so I was also excited for me!! Great southern light, huge living space {at least that’s how I remembered it}, biggest bathroom ever, a big yard and they allow dogs. Jackpot.

Not exactly.

It wasn’t long after he moved in that we realized, this was not the dream place we thought it was. The interior is cheaply constructed, no insulation or sound-proofing in the walls between units, so in addition to the normal noise transmission up and down that you get in timber lofts {because of the exposed beams and ceilings there isn’t as much sound proofing}, we could hear every word our neighbors are saying even at normal conversation levels ~ but they were in their own apartments! Something is always leaking, either from something in our unit, or into our unit from a neighbor. Lights don’t work, the list is endless… and the owner doesn’t take care of the building, at all. This to me is the biggest offense of all. How dare someone own a beautiful building like this and not take care of it! But sadly this is not that uncommon, but it kind of breaks my heart to see them neglect such a great building…

Here is a photo of the exterior, it really is a great old brick loft. I think it used to be a shoe factory waaaay back in the day.

Paulina exterior.jpg

Pretty good looking, right?!  And here is the plan of our space… and I had so many great plans for it {wistful sigh…}. All of the apartments have kind of weird layouts, you can see it’s a lot of space but like many lofts is kind of darker near the back… I also wish we had gotten a corner unit ~ hello windows! But anyway…

Paulina plan.jpg

You could easily see this as just ending up in a bad space and needing to ride out the lease, or find something new to escape ~ asap. You could also choose to be miserable and angry for the rest of your time here ~ and if I’m being honest, we have our share of bad moments… But if you look at the energy, you might see a little more. Personally, I think it’s interesting that the space my manfriend and I chose and now live in together isn’t the dream place we were hoping for. If it was, we would have settled in, gotten comfy, and stayed for who knows how long. But I’ve always wanted to buy a fixer upper and the magnitude of our dislike for our current space has put those plans on fast forward to ~ as soon as humanly possible ~ which is mostly exciting, and a little bit nerve wracking as we try to figure out timing and also find that perfect place in a tight market without a ton of options.

So that’s energy… sometimes one thing not working out is actually moving you into something new, that you may have been wanting forever. It doesn’t always feel amazing when it’s happening, but where is your energy.. and attention. It doesn’t feel good if your energy is in what’s negative or not working, but I’m focusing on putting my energy and attention into creating our new place {even though it hasn’t quite arrived yet}… instead of letting it stew in being unhappy with our current space. And of course I’ve got a countdown going to help get us excited about our new home while we wait for it to come into our lives!




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