There will be no art hung here

Since we’ve decided that we are definitely moving out of our current place either at the end of the lease this summer {or sooner}, I’ve been really torn over how much I really want unpack and get settled in.

Do I want to unpack books? Do I want to hang art? What do I do with stuff if I don’t want to unpack, am I just supposed to live surrounded by boxes?

We’ve unpacked a lot, and negotiated through most of our duplicate items which is a deal in and of itself {do we really still need three carrot peelers??!} but as we get to the last things I just am not excited about finding homes for things I’m just going to be re-packing in a couple of months.

I had so many great ideas for designing this place, and maybe they will come to life in another space, but not this one… and so in the spirit of putting my energy into the new things we are creating, I decided not to hang anything up on the walls.


There’s only one exception to the bare wall movement we have going on over here. We decided to still hang up two coat hooks since we don’t have a coat closet and it’s the middle of winter in the midwest and coats piled on chairs isn’t a super sexy design aesthetic, ha.

We ultimately decided that everything we are keeping but don’t want to unpack is going into storage for a few months until we figure out our next space. Giving myself permission to do this, even if it costs us a little extra money in the short run, has really made me feel better, both about our current situation and having time and energy to focus on new things ahead. And I’m loving moving into the {energetic} space of owning doing things my way, even if it’s not necessarily how anyone else would do something.

When I really thought about it it came down to energy. Where am I investing my energy, my time, my attention? Why would I get settled in, pouring my energy into a space that I’m determined to leave? Is it worthwhile to invest all of these things into a space I’m pulling my energy out of? The answer to that is a clear no. So I’m using this time to clear away things that don’t work for me {and us}, and keep decluttering, to make sure we can set a great tone in our next place.

So for now I’ll enjoy my cute coat hooks and entry table, and have some art leaning against the walls for now, while we keep clearing out the space, negotiating what stays and goes of all of our duplicate items, and keep working the energy to find our next {most certainly amazing} new place!

coat hooks 2.jpg


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