Oak Park renovation ~ progress house tour!

Rebecca and Ryan have made a ton of progress on their house, and I’m excited to share a new video tour with you today!

Right now it might not look like they’ve made as much progress as they really have, since all of the kitchen cabinets are still in boxes in the living room, but they have come a looong way since they started, and the project is just about at the point where all the sudden you blink and the space looks almost finished. I’ve even heard whispers that they are even scheduling movers for the end of the month!

They’ve refinished all the floors and re-worked the basement layout, reconfiguring a weird half-bath into a full bathroom and making the space more functional. They’ve pulled off trim from the windows and doorways to finish stripping ~ so that’s coming along even though it’s not on the walls at the moment. They’ve also updated electrical and lighting, and done a full overhaul on the kitchen with the cabinets just waiting to be installed!

Take a peek and see how things are progressing!



I can’t wait to show you everything installed and how quickly a space goes from looking like a construction site to a house that’s ready for move-in… stay tuned!








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