Minimalist or Maximalist… style, my struggles with purging, and finding balance


It’s super crazy at work these days and we are making {very} slow progress at home purging and combining our things while trying to keep miss Penny from jumping everywhere post knee surgery {we kind of stink at that}. Life these days is chaotic and messy but I’m {mostly} loving it.

At first the purging of stuff was pretty easy, but I’ve hit a point where I’m starting to struggle with getting rid of things. Fear of regretting letting something go, feeling obligated to keep things just for sentimental reasons, or possibly needing it later… the list is long. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I fall in the spectrum between sparse minimalist or total maximalist, with simultaneous fantasies of having a space that is perpetually sparse and pristine, with very few ‘things’, and wanting literal abundance, with lots of fantastic treasures adorning my space.

I am constantly torn between the two and find that my feelings depend a lot on my mood at any given time. Especially now that I’m having to go through all of my things {and my manfriend’s things} and am getting ready to move {probably two more times in the next six months ~ uugghh} I’m having very strong desire to be extremely minimal!

I think I’m definitely ~ big picture and most of the time ~ more on the minimal side of the spectrum. Now and then I move more into the maximal side, wanting to have tons of spectacular objects and a literal abundance of things… I absolutely love beautiful vintage treasures {I have at least six vintage suitcases, and I don’t even know how many vintage frames that I haven’t found art for yet}, and any shiny object that catches my fancy that I can see would be great say… on top of some coffee table books, or in a book shelf, or as a little collection of ‘things’ on a console…  but it never lasts too long and I always shift back, feeling overwhelmed and needing space.

Where do you fall in this arena? Do you like a more minimal space like this minimal montageor are you more in the maximal camp, with lots of treasures all around? maximal montage

I’m sure I’ll always stay relatively in the same place as far as wanting a more minimal space than maximal… and maybe I’ll never have that ‘perfect’ balance. But what is perfect anyway?




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  1. Living in a small house means less is definitely more. I don’t want to clutter up my lovely empty spaces, my empty walls, my empty counters with stuff…

    But alas, I got me some kids here… :)

    I keep trying.

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