New place news! {and some great reminders about non-judgment and non-effort}

It’s not new news that my manfriend and I don’t like our place. We’ve been planning to move since back in December when I moved in, and have been getting increasingly discontent with each passing month since. We even asked to be let out of our lease early, taking the stance with our landlord that he hasn’t been able to resolve our issues with noise, and a May renewal is more ideal than a July renewal {which is true}. But of course he said no.

I wasn’t surprised, and decided that if we had to stay until the official, bitter end of our lease, that I was going to get my space by making him honor the 48 hours notice {he has a reputation for entering with no notice, big time no no}, and would be there for showings so that I could tell people how we really felt about the place. If he was going to make it hard for us to leave, I definitely wasn’t going to make it easy on him to rent our place while we were still there.

But then we found a place we loved… and of course everything changed.

We had started looking for new places early, but had only seen a couple of things that really jumped out as possibilities. And since we are planning on buying a place later in the year, whatever we ended up in had to be easy to re-let, potentially in the off-season winter months, when we do find our permanent place and close on that. I had reached out to a few people for showings but nothing really came together to even be able to see them.

My old self would have automatically gone into effort and made it happen for places that looked especially good, all work {very third chakra} and not effortless or magical…

This time around I reminded myself that if something wasn’t coming together easily, then it wasn’t meant to be, and I wasn’t going to go into effort and try to make anything happen. The right place would come at the right time, I just had to trust. Trust my intuition, trust the energy of everything, and allow everything to unfold in it’s own time.

Then, magically, a friend posted that they were looking to sublet their {furnished} place, in an amazing location, from May until January of next year, which is as close to perfect timing as you can get. The space is pretty amazing. It’s on the top floor of a big vintage building, has skylights, tall ceilings, vintage trim, great desk space for manfriend and me, parking, and is dog friendly! It’s in the heart of Wicker Park, and is across the street from a park {with a dog park} that has farmers markets all summer.


And the person we are subletting it from is also an Architect so the furnishings and style are great too {phew}.

To sum it all up, it’s exactly what we were looking for. We don’t have to worry about subletting anything, or being on the hook for months of rent if we can’t find replacement tenants once we buy something. The fact that it’s furnished means that we we can purge and get rid of the furniture that we don’t want now, and not have to move it {or keep furniture that we don’t love}, and we don’t have to spend money on in-between furniture that we would potentially get rid of when we buy our place.

I could never have imagined this place, and that’s what I love about it. It’s a great reminder that when you are open to things coming in that don’t look exactly the way you imagined, sometimes they are always better than anything we could have thought up in our pedestrian little ~ everything has to make sense and be logical ~ minds. It might not have shown up, or we might not have been able to have it if I had gone into effort and tried to force a new place earlier.. or if we had left our apartment earlier.

So back to our apartment. I was 1000% ready to stay until the end of our lease and not be helpful to my landlord… but then this place showed up. What was I going to do, pay an extra month’s rent just to prove a point? No.

Sometimes you’ve gotta just clear the energy, and any judgment that you might be in, to have something for yourself. Really we are often in judgement in life. When we think something is great, that’s a judgment. When we think something is the worst, that’s a judgment.

We definitely did not have a good experience in this building or with this landlord, but I had to remind myself that not everyone will feel the same as me, or have the same experience, and I needed to get out of so much judgment {and clear out the resistance that came along with it}, so that I could move out early and have this new place without having to pay rent twice.

We asked our landlord if we could find a new tenant ourselves and get out of our lease early that way, and he said yes. We decided that even though we wanted to leave early, we wouldn’t mis-represent the building to anyone, and so with that I posted it online and we found someone new to take over the lease with just one showing {and yes, I was frank and honest about our challenges with the space, and landlord, and they still wanted it, so I feel great about everything. They can enjoy the space and it is likely a  better fit for them, and we are free to move into a space that is a great fit for us!}

I’ve had things unfold like this a few times in life far, and I have to say, it’s the way to go. There’s no better feeling than having what you want just show up, with no effort, and in the most surprising and magical ways.

So the countdown to moving day has begun {you know I love a good countdown} ~ 26 days until our new place! Here’s a little sneak peak of the new digs, which even though it’s furnished we’ll be able to add a few of our own touches here and there to make it our own!

1420 Milwaukee_1

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