Brick & terra cotta ~ you’ve stolen my heart

I love a good vintage space. And I love finishes that aren’t necessarily the ‘hottest’ or ‘trendiest’, but are beautiful, classic, timeless or even just unexpected but make a space really stand out.

One thing I’ve been seeing pop up here and there a bit lately is brick and terra cotta flooring, and I’m in love.

It’s not super trendy {and that’s one thing I love about it}, but it’s beautiful, and moreover, it’s timeless. So a house that has 40 year old {or more} brick or terra cotta flooring is suddenly in again, without changing a thing!

I love that it’s a natural material, and the warmth it brings to a space. I’m pretty over white everything everywhere {although I am super into white walls, but more on that later}… and the cool gray trend is starting to feel overdone… so this warm finish and texture is feeling super fresh to me. Take a look at these beautiful images and tell me you disagree… you can’t! They’re great!


Laccone Residence {these are the original floors of this 1960’s residence ~ !!!!} click here for some more jaw dropping pics.


{Murphy Mears Design}


Bringing hex tile to new heights {photo by Tessa Neustadt}



indoor outdoor

I mean, come on, this room is bliss. The mix of brick and softness of the plants is the perfect balance. I will take one of these in my house please and thank you. {design/image: atelier AM Inc}

One thing is certain about brick and terra cotta floors though, they only work in certain spaces, and if you try to push the envelope with this material it can look real bad real quick. But I can’t wait to have a space that is either vintage with existing brick flooring that I can bring back to life, or a really great indoor/outdoor or utility-isa space that I can use this finish in… so many renovation ideas, so little time… wistful sigh…


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