Sofa Dreams

Since we’re doing this sublet through the end of the year that means no big designing and no big furniture purchases for about nine more months, until we find our permanent place. But that hasn’t stopped me from becoming really pre-occupied with what sofa I want in our next living room.

I haven’t even really started imagining too specifically what our next space will look like design-wise overall, because we want to be open to different types of spaces and buildings that could work as far as fixer-uppers. I think once we get moved into our immediate next space I’ll start thinking more about what our permanent next space might look like {the bones of it at least}, but for now I’m strangely fixated on what our next sofa will look like. Probably because I hate the one we have now!

At the moment I’m simultaneously in love with two really different styles. And while we could end up in a place with two living spaces, it’s probably not likely, as we have been mostly looking into condos and small – medium scale fixer uppers {so far at least}. One part of me is really wanting a traditional style sofa in a beautiful blue color, something like one of these

blue sofas.jpg

And the other part of me is wanting a more funky creative shaped sofa in a bold fun color. Something like this  {also, I love that huge art on the wall too, there’s just something about it… actually, maybe I’ll just take this whole living room <3}

funky sofa_rachel castle.jpg

But here’s a weird twist on my lust for this fun sofa. For some reason even though I’m obsessed with it, I feel a little uncertain about having this style sofa if I only had one living room, and I can’t really figure out why. It looks really comfy, and super fun… maybe it’s just that we are used to things looking a certain way, and when you depart from that by more than a certain amount, it’s unfamiliar enough that we unconsciously get a little freaked out and start to resist it…? who knows…

The good news is that we have a while until we have to commit to anything, and I like to let the space I’m working with inform the furniture and finish selections as well, so that will play a part too. I’m a big believer that a great space is created when you merge the style of the people living in the space with the style of the actual space itself, and create a harmony. But for now I’m letting myself freely daydream, both about what furniture will fill up our new space… and also about what the space will actually look and feel like.

So, if you were in the market for a new sofa, what would you do? Are you a more traditional furniture kind of person, or do you like to push the envelope… or a mix of both?!

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