Thinking about {the unattainable idea of} perfection…


It’s been an absolutely crazy few weeks in our house. The spring is, hands down, the busiest time of year in real estate so work life is dizzying. In addition to normal life busyness, I got sick the same week that we moved into our new place {and 90% of our stuff went to storage}, and then we headed out of town to New Orleans for the holiday weekend.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing all of those things all at once. {If you were wondering.}

Last week was a deal just trying to get back into a normal routine, still sick and surrounded by boxes at the new place. It was messy, to say the least. And so of course as my life couldn’t have felt less perfect or more chaotic, I pretty much felt like a failure at any and everything I did, it got me thinking a lot about the idea of perfection. {since I felt like the complete opposite!}

Why did I even feel that way? What is perfection anyway…

I think it’s common to get caught up in feeling like we need to be, act, look “perfect” as in ~ never make mistakes, nothing out of place, ever… but really, the more I think about it, the idea of perfection is really just about energy.

The more I strive to get everything in my life looking a certain flawless perfect way {we all have our own crazy versions of this}, the less validated I feel. I think when we are caught up in trying to achieve this impossible state, our energy is just all over the place, everywhere else except with us {in our own space, where it belongs}… of course we feel like a perpetual failure, because that kind of perfection literally isn’t possible.

The pressure to be some prescribed version of perfect isn’t anyone’s truth. Most of it is cultural or family energy that’s been put into our space moment after moment over our entire lifetimes… and we don’t even know it’s happening until we find ourselves like I described above, feeling like a failure that we can’t meet those crazy expectations…

When I get caught up in those moments {like the last couple of weeks} I always have to find some amusement to clear that crap out and reset my space… once I realize my energy is pretty much everywhere else but in my space, I can get it all back and start to feel better.

For me, real perfection is being in tune with my own energy and is more of an emotional feeling, and it has nothing to do with being flawless. It’s moments where I might be doing something totally mundane, but I just feel really content and happy, maybe I’m with friends, or my partner… maybe it’s a day where timing was kind of perfect for everything and things flowed really easily… or I’m just driving home from work and look up and see the most beautiful sunset… it’s having things just magically show up when I need them and being effortless {like our temporary place!}. It’s not every moment and facet of my whole life that has to be perfect and look a certain way on a physical level at all times, perfect is finding moments of magic in everyday…

And also perfection might be things falling apart… as crazy as it sounds, life is about creation and destruction, new things can’t come in until the old things clear away… being in tune with my own energy means that when things are messy, at least I’m driving the bus and can see what’s being created to keep perspective and go with the flow…

This week I’m pulling my energy back and re-setting my space. I’m getting back to setting the tone for each day, and while that doesn’t mean perfection in a flawless/no mistakes kind of way, it does mean a lot more validation, less effort, more flow, and a lot more magical {energetically} perfect moments for sure.

Do you have any areas of life where you feel like you struggle with feeling like you need to be a flawless version of perfection or things need to look a certain way? I would venture a guess that that ‘picture’ and pressure to be perfect isn’t even your energy…  let that pressure go and find your energy and you’ll find the magic and validation you’ve been looking for!

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