The final walk through ~ what to expect and tips for success

Our team has a crazy pants number of closings this month, so of course final walk throughs are on my mind {I feel like I have one every day!}. We’ve had some go more smoothly than others… so I’m giving this little-talked-about topic a hello today.

It’s tempting once you are under contract on your house sale to relax, celebrate your house being sold {!!!}, and start deciding where to spend all. that. money. from the sale. But in reality, your house isn’t sold, not yet at least. So yes, do a big happy dance for getting your place under contract because it is something to be happy about. But don’t start celebrating too much until the closing is done, all the papers are signed, you have your $$$ and the buyer has the keys, because that’s when your house is really sold.

The initial offer and final contract price are actually just the beginning of the negotiation process. There are several more hurdles to get through before all is said and done… the last of which is the final walk through.

The final walk through is that moment when you are oh so close to the finish line, but things could still go ‘wrong’, so you need to be sure to have all your ducks in a row to set yourself up for a smooth walk through and easy closing {which is the best kind!}. Then you can really relax, celebrate, and sink into enjoying your own new place.

So what is the final walk through anyway?

The final walk through is that one last time that the buyers literally walk through the space, right before closing, to make sure that everything is in the same condition as it was at the inspection, all repairs that were supposed to happen have been taken care of and look good, and there are no final issues or questions about anything.


Even though technically the sellers own the space until the closing, you agree in the contract to have the space empty by the closing date {so that morning}. And the buyers have a right to a final walk through before the closing with the space empty. So sellers ~ you betta plan that move ahead of time!

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when we show up to do the final walk through and we can’t see anything because the entire space is filled with boxes {this has happened a little too often this year if I’m being honest}. It only adds to everyone’s stress and honestly, is avoidable. So make sure the space is empty and looking good, even if you have to pay the movers to hold your stuff for a day or so. {yes, moving companies do that}

If the space isn’t empty {and clean}, and the buyer can’t confirm that all is well, nothing is damaged {yes, walls get damaged during moves all the time}, and there are no questions, and they could ask you to put some of that dough you’re about to make in escrow for a few days to cover any potential issues… and man is that a headache that you just don’t need or want.

If you did any repairs, make sure you get that paperwork to your attorney {and over to the buyer} as soon as possible, so that you aren’t scrambling to get this information to them at the last minute.

Make sure you have all keys and garage door openers in one place for the buyers, and don’t leave them a pile of mystery keys that don’t actually work on anything. Thanks but no thanks on that one.

Please please, start packing early, and get any donations or excess garbage taken care of before the last day. The worst habit I see is sellers not leaving enough time for clearing out the house {there’s always more stuff than you think} and people end up just leaving a huge pile of trash in the alley because everything doesn’t fit in the trash cans.

Seriously. Stop it. You can do better!

And last but definitely not least, get that space clean. Did you know that it’s actually written in the contract that you’ll leave the space in ‘broom clean’ condition for the buyer? But really, even if it wasn’t spelled out, do you really want to be that guy who leaves behind a dirty house for a buyer who’s about to give you a lot of money for it?

Not good karma.

Get that thing clean! Remember all that celebrating you were doing when they first gave you an offer and committed to give you all that money for your amazing house you were sad to be leaving? Get in touch with that energy again and hop to it… leaving a clean house is 100% the best thank-you gift you could give your buyer, and it will leave everyone feeling good. Make it easy on yourself and hire someone to do a thorough move-out clean, the last thing you need on your plate is to be dealing with the stress of moving and cleaning your house. Trust me, it’s the best money you’ll ever spend.

Selling your house is a big deal, and so is moving. In those last few days everyone is pretty stressed and as out of energy as you can be. Getting started early and anticipating these last few hurdles will help you feel better, more calm and sane, and avoid last minute issues before your sale. The best feeling is having your buyers do the final walk through and be even more excited about their new place. So help them get there with these tips, and then start planning that celebratory dinner, you sold your house and you did a great job handing over something the next owners will love, you deserve it!






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