Bathroom Inspiration ~ the patterned floor tile trend

One new bathroom trend I am really loving right now is patterned floor tile. The new super cool look is Spanish influenced tiles that are fairly ornate. And while I do think this is one element that can be done very well and look timeless in it’s own way for a long time, it can also easily be overly trendy and look bad after jut a few years, depending on what you select.

I feel like it can be hard to put in words what makes a good patterned tile and what is ‘bad’ or too trendy, that will look dated in just a few years… so as I’m thinking about all the possibilities for the bathroom reno in my near future {patterned tiles are definitely a possibility, but we have to see what kind of space we end up with to know what will work}, I went and dug up some of my favorites, that I would definitely consider great tile and bathroom design and will look relevant and ‘in style’ even when bathroom tile trends have moved on to something even newer.

Really, using trendy materials successfully comes down to execution. If you use all ‘of the moment’ trendy finishes and materials, then your space will look outdated more quickly because everything is from that one moment and as new trends come in, that space will feel very much of a specific date.

You can see this in real estate all the time because developers use the exact same certain materials in everything for a certain number of years and then will shift to the next newest coolest finishes. So there’s the cherry cabinet and dark counter period, the light oak and bad oatmeal granite counter period, and at some point we’ll be looking back on all these stark white kitchens and grey paint just itching for something new.

kitchens through the years.jpg

I find that when I’m using a more ‘trendy’ finish or if I’m working on a design that has some really creative elements, it helps to balance the space with classic or traditional features as well, so that you don’t end up with a time capsule that you cringe at and want to redo again in just a few years.

Here are some really beautiful patterned floor tiles, but they are also executed well in the overall design {which is the real key}. So what makes these good and others bad {and don’t worry, I’ve got some bad examples for you too!}? I think here the scale of the pattern on these tiles is great. They are fairly intricate, but there’s a balance in the design and between the colors of the pattern and the background. You’ll also notice that these patterned tiles are the stars of the show, and other design elements are more restrained. You don’t want too much competition between the various elements in a room!

god bathroom tile.jpg

I don’t have sources for all of the tile, but if I can find more I’ll update the post, promise! ;)

bottom row: 1, 2, 3 {seriously trying to figure this one out, that blue, omg, so good!}

The second row above is patterned but kind of geometric too. I’m in love with all of these, but I especially love the middle pic above, it’s bold and simple and classic all at once. {it’s a serious contender for the bathroom I don’t even have yet, lol!}

While the top row above is particularly striking {Spanish influenced} and is the up and coming super hot trend of the moment, I really love geometric patterned tiles as well. They can be a bit more timeless and are also super fun… and you can really get creative with patterns and colors too, I mean just look at these beauties here!

geometric tile.jpg

top row: 1, 2, 3 | bottom row: 1, 2, 3

I love all of these tiles {and yes, I know that’s a kitchen in there, but honestly that tile is so unique and striking. I’m not usually a fan of extra large tiles anywhere, but this pattern totally works – and it’s actually four smaller tiles. It would look great and dramatic in a larger bathroom or even in an entryway or a sunroom or something} The white patterned tiles are fantastic, the scale is good, they are simple overall but you can get a little fancier as you can see with the second pic. And then you have the colorful options, I mean just ~ drool. In all of these rooms though, the bold tile is balance by simpler elements in the rest of the space, it’s all about balance, and what’s that saying that there can only be one star of the show?… Honestly, I think all of these designs will look amazing for years and not fall into that ‘is going to look like an old worn out, out dated trend’ in a couple of years category. These are here to stay for a good long while, and if you want to refresh the room you can swap out fixtures, or do a different vanity and the tile would still work. And isn’t that what great design is all about?!

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