Shifting energy, making room for more magic, and having more…

hyde park.jpgThe other day a friend of mine posted something on Instagram that totally resonated with me and got me thinking. As she’s getting ready to move back to Chicago from another city, she was talking about magic, and how it took her a long time to find that for herself in her life… and once you do, it’s a completely transformative experience and you can’t help but attract more.

We have that in common… for most of my life, even well into my adulthood, I wouldn’t say that I ever felt like things were magical in my life. I felt like most of my life was effort and struggle… as an adult I was always focused on some goal, but once I achieved it, I couldn’t enjoy it, I felt an emptiness that there wasn’t that thing to be working toward anymore and so I set my sights on the next goal. My energy was never with me in the present, it was always out somewhere ahead, I always told myself that I would be happy once I got to the next place, but that never happened.

There was no room for enjoying, celebrating, reveling in successes, having adventure, serendipity, whimsy… nothing came into my life easily, everything was a battle or a struggle.

There was no magic.

Sometimes you find magic in a small shift or change in your life, and sometimes it takes a big leap…

For me, it was a leap that shifted everything… I quit my safe day job and never looked back… and once you find that magic, you feel the inevitable ~ you want more.

In reality, you don’t make a big change and then everything is always magical from that moment forward forever. Life isn’t some perfect fairytale of endless perfection, that’s not real. I actually find that it’s pretty easy for me to start slipping back into my old way of being {because it’s so familiar}, where I work from responsibility and effort. Everything might not feel like as much of a struggle as it once did, but I start to feel less connected to the magic in my life when this happens. I have to remind myself to reconnect with my energy, and make sure I’m not letting things I don’t love take over and set the tone for my days. I am all about knocking out the to-do list and getting things out of the way so that you have time for fun, but it’s important not to let that become your whole day, which I know can easily happen to me… before you know it I’ve gotten so many things done but then it’s the end of the day and I haven’t gotten anything I love done!

As we gear up for the fall at work, and my manfriend and I get closer to house-hunting time, things are only going to get busier. So I’m taking a bit of time these next two weeks to reset, bring back my energy and focus into my space, and onto what I really love, what brings me joy and feels magical, and making sure my main priority everyday is making time to do those things above everything else… that’s the biggest priority!

How much magic do you have in your life… and if you don’t feel like there’s a lot, what needs to shift in order for you to be able to have more?!

getting what you want.jpg


  1. Natasha

    Beautifully said. 😊

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