Vacation, healing, recharging, and diving in

michigan swing

Last weekend we took a quick short-notice trip out to Michigan. We stayed in a farmhouse on a bunch of land, to get away and have some peace and quiet and a little escape from our crazy work lives for a weekend before the fall season is in full swing.

It was perfection.

And when I say perfection I don’t mean some flawless picture of a ‘perfect’ farm or luxury inn, in a perfectly restored house with big fluffy beds and perfectly manicured lawn or anything like that. But it was perfect for what we were looking for, and what we needed. Time to slow down, sleep in, sit outside and just enjoy peace and quiet, stillness, and sounds of nature. Time to play with Penny and let her be a country dog {she loved it}. It was great fresh air, barefoot walking in the grass, plenty of vintage shopping, awesome food, discovering new places and falling in love and recharging… and healing.

Sometimes you need to take some time for yourself. To reconnect with your own energy, to get back to you. We live in such a crazy demanding fast paced world! It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of our bodies, but it’s just as important to take care of our spirit, our energy, our emotions and all of those not-as-visible but just as important parts of ourselves.

It’s so easy to just give all of our energy away and then there’s nothing left for ourselves… to bring our own dreams to life, to have and enjoy the things we love in our own lives. We just feel spent, exhausted, like we are racing to keep up but can’t get ahead… but when we are connected to our own energy we feel vitalized, we are connected to our creativity, things just flow. We can have an abundance of what we are wanting in life, instead of struggling to just create the smallest things.

When we got back home I knew something had shifted because everything just flowed. I felt renewed, I had great energy {and just a lot of it in general!}. I unpacked and put everything away right away… you guys, I’ve never unpacked and put everything away from a trip right away ever in my adult life. I felt amazing. The whole day was easy, there was no effort… and I felt like I got so much more done in less time without even trying. It was a rare type of everyday bliss, lol.

I had reconnected with my own energy and it was apparent in how I felt and how everything was easily flowing all afternoon. Even though you can’t see your energy, you can feel it, and when you are living your life and setting the tone with your own energy, you can see a tangible difference in everyday life.

Now I’m focusing on spending time each day staying connected with my energy! Diving in and pouring it into things I’m passionate about creating and having more of. I couldn’t feel more excited, and that tells me that this trip was definitely a healing. You should be excited about your life. It shouldn’t be filled with effort. But really, you don’t always need to go on a trip or an official vacation to give yourself a healing. Sometimes a healing can be as simple as cooking your favorite meal, or making space for yourself to do something you really love… whatever it is, if you’re feeling a little drained or overextended, or just disconnected from that part of yourself that makes you feel vital and… you… listen to your body and your energy, and give it what it’s telling you it needs. You might be surprised at the results!



  1. I am so glad you got to have that relaxing time!

    1. Aww, thanks, me too!! ☺️

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