An Ode to all the ‘Bad Girls’ and Rebels

Sunday was the 98th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. Can you believe that? It’s hard to imagine not being able to vote… the more I think about it it’s hard to imagine not being able to do many things that women haven’t always been allowed to do.


Own property

Have my own bank account

Wear pants

That’s just a tiny few. It can really be such a big deal for us to have more of anything, ever. Sometimes just doing what you love is a supremely rebellious act.

susan b anthony

{Susan B. Anthony, a primary leader in the fight for Women’s right to vote. There were so many other brave women that were a part of this movement, but she’s the one most people recognize}

When I read about the anniversary on Sunday, I remembered, sometimes when you want something you’ve got to be a rebel. You’ve gotta go against what everyone thinks is possible, how everyone thinks something must be done, or should be done… you’ve got to do your thing in the face of everyone that might wish you’d just pipe down and fall in line.

It can be something big like voting, or it can be something that might seem small in the grand scheme of things, like being seen on some level in your life, or reaching a work or creative goal, or just being able to do what you love in your own way, on your own terms… and the more important it is to you, the bigger deal it is, of course!

katherine johnson_NASA.jpg

{this is Katherine Johnson, she is a brilliant mathematician and was one of the first African American women to work for NASA during a time that not only women weren’t welcomed into the workforce, but African American women definitely weren’t welcome. Talk about a trailblazer. {if you haven’t seen Hidden Figures yet, stop what you are doing and go watch it, such an amazing story}}

This isn’t something that comes naturally to me at all, being a ‘rebel’ or a ‘bad girl’. I’m a total people pleasing good girl. And for the longest time I would be in literal agony if there was even one person who wasn’t happy with me or didn’t like me. Physical pain.

It was the worst. And it didn’t work for me. At all.

As I round third base toward 40, and as I reach more and more goals that once seemed impossible to me, I’m connecting with a rebel deep down inside myself and boy does it feel good. And I don’t mean rebel like you might initially think or imagine, but a rebel like – doing what you’re not supposed to do… having what you’re not supposed to have… doing what you love and having what you want, no matter what anyone else thinks.

ray eames_1200.jpg

{this is Ray Eames, sitting in a field of her own designs. She practiced Architecture and all kinds of design with her husband Charles. Together they made significant historical contributions to many areas of Modern Design. She was a trailblazer and a groundbreaker in a time when very few women were involved in Architecture and Design. People like me can be Architects and not think twice about it, because of women like her.}

We all have limits for ourselves on some level, whether they are in our space from our families, or our cultures, or just past experiences… most often we aren’t even really aware of them. But they can define our whole life and experience of the world.

I was so inspired being reminded of this massive achievement by women, it’s pushing me to go for more, to dive even deeper, for everything. Even when you are just having more of something in life for yourself, on some level you are making space for someone else to have more too… you could be inspiring someone else to find their inner rebel as well.

So here’s to all the rebels and the bad girls, may we march to the beat of our own spectacular and unique drums, may we do what inspires us, and have an abundance of everything we want that other’s might be telling us is off limits!

friday kahlo

{I feel like we all know this woman, she’s definitely having a ‘moment’ lately and continues to inspire others. Frida Kahlo, her story is one for the history books as well… with a magnificent connection to her creativity, she didn’t let anything stop her from being who she was or doing what she loved. May we all have a little more of this kind of energy in our lives!}


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