Let’s talk baby nurseries!

First let me clarify ~ no, I’m not pregnant. And while I will probably not ever have a need to design a nursery for myself, it just happens to be a space that I’ve always wanted to design!

One of my teammates is preggo and so I thought, what better time than now to do a post all about baby nurseries, so that I can indulge this long held dream and share some of my favorite inspirations and pics for these spaces?!

I thought about showing just one ‘most favorite’ design approach and ‘style’ for this blog post, but honestly, there are just so many super fun and awesome possibilities for this type of space that I couldn’t knock it down to just one that is my favorite. Really I have like five favorites and I’m okay with that.

I love over the top playful nurseries, with bold colors or maybe a fun theme, that are obviously for a baby. I think it’s one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ situations where you get to design like this and enjoy that part of your family’s and baby’s life. Let loose, reconnect with your inner child and go wild! It’s a design approach that will most certainly require revising as your baby gets older, but since when was I ever sad about getting to redesign a space?!

fun playful nursery.jpg

You can also go fun and playful with color and pattern, like a fun wallpaper or bold furniture, which is a great option as well.

pattern color nursery

But more than anything else, I really love nurseries that are more sophisticated and, outside of the baby furniture, might not even be recognizable as a ‘nursery’. You can still make them playful and perfect for baby, and they are some of my favorite spaces because they are less predictable in the standard nursery approach. Just because you have a baby, doesn’t mean everything has to look baby!

adult nursery

{top row: nursery design by Oilo Studio for Alexandra Evjen | nursery design by Oilo Studion for Emily Maynard bottom row: Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus design, see more photos here | Nate Berkus‘s son’s nursery}

I love these bold and colorful spaces, and would happily have any of these colors and finishes in my own house. The beauty of all of these is that they totally work for babies, but are more flexible spaces where you can change the furniture and accessories and they easily transition as your little one grows up.

And of course, who doesn’t love a light, soft, neutral space for baby. The world is overwhelming even for adults {!!!} and I love the idea of a super soft, quiet, gentle feeling place for your new addition to have as a little haven from the world they are just starting to experience. You can still have some pops of color for balance and some richness and depth, just look at these amazing spaces.

muted nursery.jpg

{top row: Jillian Harris‘s nursery for her son Leo. I’m in LOVE with those yellow curtains, talk about perfection! | middle row: Emily Henderson‘s daughter’s nursery. If you’re going to do a pink little girl’s room this is the way to go, soft and sweet, and that flamingo is heaven! | bottom row: Yellow Brick Home‘s nursery for their little girl. I’ll forever be in love with them because we share a passion for old houses, renovations, and vintage everything. My favorite elements of this space are the surprise pink closet and the vintage mirror over the crib!}

What’s your overall house style and what’s your nursery style? Are they similar or do they have very different personalities?!

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