Is being organized nature or nurture? Learning to put things away…

closet 1.jpg{the neat method}

What started off as a surprisingly slow fall at work has suddenly become unbelievably busy and of course, every time my life gets busy my house somehow becomes a complete disaster zone. You guys, my laundry chair has become laundry pile of doom, is there even a chair under there?! Who knows, I can’t see it anymore!

Who out there is naturally organized? Anyone? Is there anyone who has crazy weeks or is just always busy in general but their house somehow always stays looking put together and pretty?

I think those people do exist but sadly, I’m not one of them.

I daydream about having a house that’s always picked up, where I can walk in the door at the end of the day and look around at a beautiful space that makes me feel calm and serene instead of panic stricken and stressed out that I’m failing in my home life.

Like, can I just have this pantry for one day?! I feel calmer just looking at it. pantry 1.jpg{the neat method}

I know lots of people who don’t really agonize over whether their house is more or less picked up and organized, but it really affects me when my house is messy. I feel unsettled and even more stress. Everything is energy, and your house is connected to that energetic part of your space that is all about safety and security. So for me when my house is a mess, I feel like that part of my energetic space isn’t as grounded or calm… and that affects all of the other parts of my energy and my space, like one big ripple affect. It’s all connected!

Ultimately I do think there are people who are just naturally more  organized. Whatever it is about their personality or energy, either they just naturally see things out of place earlier, or are better about creating those daily ‘put things away’ habits, or maybe even just that part of their brain can’t stand to see anything out of place… and other people just aren’t wired that way {like me}. But also I think that being tidy and organized can be learned, at least I hope so!pantry storage copyOne thing I do know is that it’s hard to stay picked up and organized when things don’t  have an official ‘home’ to be put away in. Until we are in our new place I might be somewhat stuck in a temporary limbo and more mess than I want {mostly because I’m not willing to spend a bunch of money on storage solutions that I will very likely be getting rid of in just a few months}, but I did tackle my bathroom and I can’t believe what a difference a few bins makes! I discovered a few amazing instagram organizing accounts lately and before seeing their drool worthy pics of pantries and closets and fridges that look more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen, it also had never occurred to me to use containers and baskets on shelves to further organize anything. I mean, you have it in ‘it’s place’ on a shelf, what more do you need?!You guys, clearly I do need something more because just having everything on shelves isn’t working at all {my stuff is off the shelves more often that it’s put away}. And you know what I’m learning? Baskets and bins are everything. Like for real. And I think they are going to be what carries me across the bridge from cyclically neat mess to consistently neat and organized. When the rest of my house gets messy, my bathroom somehow stays picked up… those bins under the sink are always there, lovingly welcoming items back home instead of being left out, so that’s where they go, with no effort!

It legit feels amazing. I wouldn’t normally be sharing a picture of under my bathroom sink but seriously, look at this.bathroom sinkAnd it always stays that way, it’s like magic! The closer we get to actually buying our new place the more I get excited about getting unpacked and finding a home for every. last. thing. I’m actually starting to daydream about bins and baskets and organizing pantries, and I’m not sad about it one bit.

I might not be naturally organized, but I’m confident I’m on my way to becoming consistently organized with the right systems, and having shelves and drawers I’d leave open on display proudly. And to anyone who thinks this is something they just can’t conquer I say ~ you CAN!

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