Sometimes buying vintage really IS better. Sharing my favorite vintage spots in Chicago!

You guys know I absolutely love vintage things. Buildings, furniture, clothes {even if I can’t ever find anything that fits me!}, you name it I probably love it. I came across this great article recently that talked about how sometimes it really is better to buy certain things vintage rather than new.

I mean, duh.

Often, you can get a great quality item, whether it’s furniture, a rug, art, or some other house ware, that’s made better than what you can buy today and is still in great shape. Vintage items like this don’t lose their value like new items do, and they have much more character than anything on a shelf right now.

Does that mean I love every single vintage thing out there? No, of course not… but I love that vintage things have a history, a story, that they’ve made it through however many years and are still beautiful. And I think vintage elements elevate design and add depth and interest. Most vintage pieces are acquired here and there over time, so there’s always a story and a special memory that usually goes along with them.

So today I’m sharing my favorite vintage spots in the city, and even some that are still on my ‘must visit’ list that I’ve just recently discovered!


BAM {Broadway Antique Mall} 6130 N Broadway. Andersonville is Chicago’s mecca for vintage and antiques and this is the capital. Mid century goldmine, they have everything from clothes to housewares, smaller items and an entire second floor of furniture! It’s a can’t-miss

Lincoln Antique Mall.jpg

Lincoln Antiques 3115 W Irving Park Rd. Filled to the brim, this space is one for wandering and finding hidden treasures. It has a little bit of everything, literally, so you never know what you’re going to find. They have antiques from lots of different generations and everything from furniture to small trinkets and lighting.

savoy flea.jpg

The Savoy Flea 2621 W Grand  The Savoy Flea is definitely a bit of a hidden treasure here in the city. The showroom is only open a few days a month {I think only during warmer months} or by appointment. But they have really beautiful treasures, lots of Paris Flea Market finds and just generally beautiful everything. In the warmer months they do different events that are fun too.

humboldt house.jpg

Humboldt House 1045 N California A Humbolt Park gem. This shop is clean and well curated collection of midcentury furniture, accessories and vintage rugs. They also carry modern housewares as well, a little old, a little new, and all beautiful! And their cute shop dog definitely makes this one a must visit ;)

south loop loft.jpg

South Loop Loft  This shop is glam and polished with a vibe that you can’t find anywhere else. Think eclectic artsy meets art deco glam. Their new showroom has more wall space and two levels, so more art and more magical finds sourced from all over the world! I literally want everything every time I go.


Scout 5221 N Clark St. Industrial meets cool and one of a kind finds, love love love! Super tiny gem that is a must visit.


Brimfield Antiques 5219 N Clark This space always feels super eclectic to me. I love wandering through and looking at all the different treasures. The vibe is a little more rustic, it’s a great contrast to the abundance of mid century vintage shops in town. It has great energy and there’s a cute tiny uber friendly shop chihuahua here!


Roost 5634 N Clark feels a little country and shabby chic. tons of dish wear, furniture and pieces that would be great for a killer backyard!


Hutch 1550 W Olive, right next to Roost, more dishes and kitchen ware. Put on an apron and dive in.

good deal garage.jpg

Good Deal Garage 1552 W Olive, this massive garage is filled with caseloads that are varying degrees of original, refinished, painted, good shape, needs work… great prices and some unique stuffed wildlife as accents. It’s a must see even if just to get a picture of the exotic stuffed wildlife. If you are looking for some project pieces this one is definitely for you.

Believe it or not there are a few spots I still haven’t been to, so to round out the list, here are four that I’m dying to visit. How have I not been to any of these yet?! Hold on, I’m clearing my calendar right now! No descriptions since I don’t know what they are like or what they hold, but I did find some good pics that give you a glimpse ;)

brownstone antiques.jpgBrownstone Antiques 5234 N Clark 
andersonville antiques.jpgAndersonville Antiques 5245 N Clarkdial M for modernDial M for Modern 2773 N Milwaukeecirca modern.jpgCirca Modern 1114 N Ashland

Am I missing any vintage spots that are total treasures?! Let me know your favorite spots so that I can add them to my list!

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