What’s your rug style?

Today it’s all about rugs, and I’m sharing a few of my favorite styles with you {in case the title of the post hadn’t given it away}!

I love a great area rug. Nine times out of ten I’d rather have hardwood floors and a great rug than anything else. It’s rare that I’ll get on board with wall to wall carpet {somehow it’s never great carpet and I feel like it’s hard to maintain and keep looking great. Unless I am installing it brand new for myself in my own house, I cringe and take a pass, lol}.

Just like every other element of a design, the rug you pick can really tie things together and bring your design to the next level. It also helps soften a space and actually helps absorb sound if that’s an issue {if you have a large room with tall ceilings or something like that}.

Of course I like lots of different styles, and I’ve switched out rugs to give a room a different look and feel without changing anything else. I think the style of rug you select really goes a long way toward setting the tone for the look and feel of your space, and a great rug can really ground a room and bring everything together.

Right now I’m pretty obsessed with vintage turkish rugs. I love the look and that they can work in a more formal space, or more casual design… they are colorful but you can use them as a neutral as well and have other bold colors in a space without feeling like they are competing. masie rug.png

{photo: ambitious home ~ I miiiggghhht have bought this beauty for myself! Squeeeell!!}

I also love the look of layering a smaller vintage rug {lots of times they aren’t quite big enough for a space or the exact size you need}, over a neutral woven rug that is the right size. I think it makes the colorful rug feel even more like a focal point and special moment in a room.

CLJ rug layer.png

{photo credit: Chris loves Julia}

The pic above is actually an area rug layered on top of wall to wall carpet. Area rugs are also fabulous for creating seating ‘zones’ within a larger space {no matter what they are lying on}.

And while we’re on the subject of woven rugs ~ woven rugs! Also a timeless favorite, they can be a great neutral anchor to a space, or with a simple pattern they add just the right touch. Depending on the style they can add a more sophisticated touch or bring a more relaxed feel to a space.

woven rugs.jpg

{photos: Amber Interiors | Jenny Komenda}

And while we’re on the topic of area rugs, definitely make sure you get the right size rug for your room. {PULEEZ!} When it comes to rugs, bigger is always better. And if you absolutely fall in love with a rug that doesn’t come in a big enough size {hello lots of vintage treasures}, then go for the layering option! If you need help in the rug size department, check out this super helpful article from Apartment Therapy and kiss your tiny rug troubles goodbye!

These days when it comes to rugs the sky is the limit, you can find the perfect style for every personality. What’s your rug style?!


  1. This makes me feel like I have good taste, because I wanted a vintage Turkish style rug for the dining room at the Agatite house!! Thanks for the validation!

    1. They are the best! You should check out Ambitious Home and Canary Lane if you haven’t already :)

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