The ‘giftless’ holiday gift guide

Only seven more sleeps until Christmas! When I was a kid I always dreamt of coming downstairs to an abundant pile of amazing gifts… oh the joy and anticipation…

But as I grew up I grew out of wanting a ton of gifts for Christmas. I can buy anything I want for myself, and while I love seeing kid’s excitement and glee for Santa and the presents under the tree, it turns out I’m just not a ‘gifts’ person. Sorry if that makes me a scrooge but you’re welcome that I’m saving you some dough and the headache of shopping this time of year!

So what to do for those of us who aren’t gift people?! I like giving gifts {weirdly enough}, but I’d rather go do something and have quality time or a great experience than another ‘thing’ to find a home for at my house.

So in the spirit of a little bit unconventional Holiday Gift Guide, here are a few things I think are super fun holiday treats that would be a great substitute for a physical gift… and the great thing is, if you love them, you can always go back for more!

Go to a Museum

Field museum.jpg

When do we go to museums?! I love museums and I only find myself making time for this when I’m traveling to another city. Pick a great exhibit and go… or be really crazy and go to a few museums!

Go out to dinner… or just out for dessert!

You guys, I eat out a lot and let me tell you, it tastes good. I love food, I love eating out, and the only thing I might love more than a great dinner out is dessert. Sometimes it can be hard to justify a fancy night out or a super hip place on just any old Tuesday, but during the holidays, well, it’s the holidays! Pick somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but haven’t given yourself permission for whatever reason, and make that reservation. Indulge {and save room for dessert!}!

Staycation in a fancy hotel

hotel room

Sometimes you want to get away but you don’t have to take a big trip to do it. I definitely daydream about just going to an awesome hotel and staying for a night or two… goodbye dirty dishes in the sink and endless to-do list, I’ll be at this fancy hotel if you need me! Pick out a fun hotel downtown and stay just for the night. Maybe even order room service, lol! It’s a homegrown adventure {if you want it to be}, you can explore a new neighborhood, stay in a fun room, and escape everyday life, even if just for a night. Maybe combine this one with one of the other ‘non-gifts’ on the list!

Drinks at the Hancock Building


I’ve lived in Chicago for 13 years now and I’ve never been to the top of the Hancock building or the Sears Tower. I love taking time to be a tourist in your own town. There are always fun things to do that we take for granted because we live right by them all the time… the bar at the Hancock Building is actually higher than the observation deck and you can spend the same money but have a tasty cocktail… go, have a great drink, and enjoy the amazing view!

Ice Skating

ice skating.jpg

Head downtown {or maybe even just to your neighborhood park if you’re lucky} and hit the ice! When was the last time you ice skated?! Talk about a winter wonderland… then when you’re done you’ll definitely be ready to warm up with some cocoa {or a fancy cocktail} and some dessert!

Whether you’re a person who still wants heaps of gifts under the tree, or a ‘no gifts but let’s do something super fun’ person like me, I hope you have a supremely magical holiday!

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