Inspiration images for our new place

You guys, I have so many things I want to talk about and share this year on the blog, but right now, all I can think about is our new place. I mean, is there really anything else worth doing?! It’s taking some serious willpower to not actually buy anything before we move in. . .


But, there is a lot of planning and coordinating to be done, and before I go pulling the trigger actually buying all the beautiful things, I want to be sure I have a clear vision of what I’m creating in our new space. So for the moment, it’s all inspiration images {almost} all the time.

So what am I thinking about for our new home? The first big project we are doing is the kitchen, but in our new place the kitchen, living room and dining room are all just one big open space, so I’ve been thinking about it all as one big space to make sure what I put together is cohesive.

Before honing in on specific furniture {but let’s be real I’ve totally started online shopping for options!} I’m taking time to find images that capture the overall look and feel of what I’m trying to create, so that as I choose the actual finishes and pieces I can stay focused and will end up with a space that actually looks like what I’m imagining, instead of an accidental mash up of random stuff I like, but that might not like each other once they are all in one room together {this is a thing you guys, I see it all the time}.

I’m definitely on the ‘almost white’ paint bandwagon, and want to create a space that feels light, bright and airy. The overall feel I’m going for is sophisticated, modern, minimal… definitely still comfortable {duh, everything has to be comfortable or what’s the point}, but I want this space to feel more grown up and luxe, more dressy in a way, than other places I’ve lived in.

The Kitchen

I’m totally over white cabinets in the kitchen {but there’s a twist here, hang tight!}, and since I’m going for minimal and sophisticated I wanted to stay away from shaker cabinets or even painted color cabinets like a grey or blue. In my mind the kitchen design is pretty locked down, I just have to get it all down on paper. Even though I’m over white cabinets, since our space isn’t huge, I’m going to have the upper cabinets match the color of the walls, so an almost white off-white, to help them visually disappear and make the space look and feel as large as possible. The lower cabinets will be a natural walnut color, and we’ll do a really beautiful marble looking quartz {I’ll have real marble someday but for now we’re on a budget!}. I’m also forgoing backsplash tile for a slab backsplash which is going to look amazing!!!

hubbard inspo 2.jpg

The Living and Dining Room

Since it’s really all just one big space, I’m thinking of all of these ‘rooms’ as one. Here’s what I’m drawn to right now. Overall the pictures are much more neutral than what I’ve chosen for myself in the past, so I’m interested to see if I still feel as drawn to this aesthetic once we are living there and I’m in the space, or if I lean more toward bringing more color into things… but the light and bright elements, the white walls, the long curtains and some other elements are definitely here to stay.

hubbard inspo 1.jpgI can’t wait to show you before photos {hopefully next week}, and the plan of the space so that you can get a better feel for the layout and what goes where… but for now enjoy this eye candy, maybe it’ll inspire some renovation ideas in your home too!



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