My 2019 ‘Resolutions’

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I usually don’t do formal New Year’s Resolutions. I tend to feel like if I’m serious about making a change, I’ll make it, New Year or not… but over the past few weeks as I’ve been seeing how some other people handle new year I’ve decided that there are a few things that I really want to focus on specifically as this year unfolds.

This year two really big things happened in my life. First, my manfriend and I are buying our first fixer upper which I recently shared {if you want to read a little about it, click here, or here!}. I’m beyond excited, and this is definitely the beginning of a very big long held dream coming to fruition. I really want to be able to enjoy the process of renovating our space, and also have it be a successful project that brings us additional income when we sell it in a year or so.

I also had a major eye opening moment at the end of last year where I really realized how much our automatic internal dialogue can affect our life. There is so much of ourselves that is shaped minute by tiny minute each day as we grow up, and is so engrained in our being, our thoughts, our perspective, our outlook on life, that we don’t even realize how much it shapes our reality as adults.

For the entire last year I thought one area of my life wasn’t going well at all. I was convinced that things weren’t moving at the pace or volume that they needed to, and that disaster was potentially imminent. The only reason I am not sharing specifically what I was so worried about is that what I experienced could really have been about any area of life, and don’t we all have a few parts of our lives that this is real for?  I questioned so many things because of this, I was distracted, and I really felt that it kept me from moving forward and reaching certain goals for myself.

When I was able to look back at the year I could see that in reality, the big monster thing I was so afraid of didn’t happen. Everything was fine, and came into my life effortlessly, even when I thought it wasn’t happening. Things didn’t happen the way I expected them to. They didn’t look like what I thought they would, and so I was convinced for an entire twelve months that everything was bad.

I realized I have some massive ‘invisible scripts’ running in my background… little tiny thoughts constantly running in the background, an inner dialogue that’s been on auto-play for most of my life, shaped by other people, that is literally keeping me from having what I am trying to have in my life. It’s keeping me from being able to have and enjoy what automatically and easily comes into my life, and it’s keeping me from being able to really create and have my goals and dreams as an adult.


It really sunk in. I could be easily having more of what I want in life if I can just clear this energy out of my space and out of my head. It’s so tiny and so familiar that it is able to have such a big impact on my life.

So with that, this year is about a few key big things for me ~


I find that I often get distracted by day to day obligations and also just daydreaming and wasting time and am not nearly as intentional with each day as I could be. I have all of these really wonderful goals and dreams that are out in the future, no clear day to day road map to be able to make them real. Then the inner dialogue kicks in and I’m a goner.

This year, I’m going to focus on bringing my energy and attention back into present time, into what I’m doing that I love every day, so that I can make my goals real down the road. It’s so easy to keep our attention way out in the future on some imaginary picture of what it might look like when some big dream is real, but really I need to have my attention here, in each present moment, where I can actually make things real.

Connecting with Joy and Magic

There are a lot of things we do in life that don’t really bring joy. Sure, I’m happy with my life overall, but I know that I waste a lot of time doing things I don’t necessarily love and that I know aren’t bringing me any closer to my goals. Facebook anyone? Netflix binging? Let’s be real here, lol. This year I’m going to really focus on making sure I spend time each day doing things I really love that are bringing me closer to my goals. I know for sure I’ll be happier, and life feels more magical when you are spending time doing things you really love.

Reprogram the inner dialogue

This is a big one and I’m sure I’ll be working on it for years to come. But I am trying to really be more aware of some of the auto-programming that’s constantly running in the background of my space, my thoughts, that might be hindering me from having what I want in my life.. and start to re-program myself with my own truth. What is real and validating for me. Having a greater awareness of what is influencing my space, and then shifting everything to be more connected to my own truth is really powerful, and from my big ‘aha’ moment in December I got a great look at some big areas that need attention. Time to own them for myself and start having my life look and feel the way I want, instead of always struggling and potentially being on someone else’s journey.

So bring it on 2019! What is your year going to be about, are you a formal resolution person, or is setting the tone with one or two key words more your speed? Either way ~ Happy New Year!

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