Where would you live based on your house style?

Happy Friday! This week has been a complete whirlwind. There are still a million decisions to be made for our renovation, but it’s also the busiest season at work so with working around the clock seven days a week I feel like we aren’t really making any real progress at our place, which is a bummer. I know it will all come together, but I do need to find time to finalize counter decision and buy important things like our sink and faucet like ~ stat!

But in the meantime I need a break so let’s talk about something fun… what’s your ‘dream house’ style… and where might that put you on the map? I absolutely love Chicago, and one thing I find really interesting about Architecture ~ both within this city and across the country ~ is that different regions are home to distinct housing styles. Even here in the Windy City, certain neighborhoods have certain types of buildings, and if you have strong feelings about what kind of building you want to live in, that might determine the neighborhood for you.

But on a bigger level, certain house types are more prominent in certain regions than others. I get it, different regions have different climates, so they build different structures… and different parts of the country have different histories which influences what get’s built. I actually love this about traveling, as it really creates different energies and personalities in the different parts of the country.

So what is your favorite type of house? And do you live in it, or to you have to love it from afar, because it’s in a totally different part of the country than where you live?!

In Chicago two building types you might not find anywhere else are the Chicago Bungalow,

Chicago Bungalow_final

and the American Four Square. I love both of these house styles, only time will tell if I’ll get to live in one!

In the South East you find more french influence, more wood siding, big awnings, and some of my favorite styles are in New Orleans with really tall windows, wood shudders and gorgeous wrap around porches with detailed metal trim work…


In California I feel like there are different predominant influences depending on what pare of the state you are in, but one of my favorite styles and areas is Palm Springs. Bright colors, minimal Modern Architecture and somehow it’s always sunny {at least in my imagination!}

palm springs.jpg

These are just some of my absolute favorite Architectural styles, and I feel like I would be pretty happy living in any of these places {I’m currently happy in Chicago!}

Have you ever thought about living in a different city, what would it be? I took a couple of fun quiz’s that I’m sharing here. This one said, not surprisingly, that I belong in California, lol. I can see it, the biggest thing holding me back is that you have to drive everywhere… we’ll see what the future holds, maybe I have a summer house in Palm Springs in my future!

This one was super quick and said I should live in Georgia… I don’t know if I can see that one so much, but it’s still fun to get a little peek into what ‘might have been’!

Where would you live if you could live anywhere.. and does it match where you would find your ‘dream house’?!

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