Let’s work together. Are you considering a renovation? Or thinking of moving? Maybe you don’t even know what you want or need yet. Let us help you create your perfect space, whether that’s transforming your current space, or finding a brand new home.

Real Estate

Are you planning on a move? Or wanting to make a few updates in preparing to sell your house?

As a part of top producing Lake Group with @properties, we are experts in the Chicago real estate market. Nancy utilizes her unique background to help pinpoint specific strategies to maximize your property’s value, outshine the competition, and achieve the highest return on your investment as you sell. Her Architecture and Design experience are also an invaluable asset in the search for a new house, enabling her to both see the potential in a fixer-upper and find the best quality existing spaces that are perfect for you.

Architecture | Interior Design

Sometimes your house just needs a few updates to make it perfect for you again. We can help envision and execute your renovation to transform your space, whether its updating furniture and finishes, or a more extensive renovation of the space. All while making sure the projects that you implement will be adding to the overall value of your home for the future.


So send me a note and let’s chat about finding and creating your amazing new space!

nancygordon@atproperties.com | nancy@havenbydesign.com



  1. Cathleen Shea

    What a neat philosophy for working with homeowners. I had to pause in my internet wanderings and acknowledge my appreciation of intuitive wisdom.

    I was looking up architecture terms in the process of describing a scene in a novel I’m writing… and stumbled upon your site. Now I’m sad I’m not in the Chicago area because it would be amazing to get to work with you on a project.

    Back to the novel so I can achieve my goals and afford a really cool house someday.

    Cathleen Shea

    P.S. Nancy is a fine name. My wife, of 18 years, is also Nancy. :)

    1. Hi Cathleen, what a sweet note, what city do you live in? Good luck on that novel! :)

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